Monday, May 07, 2007

Cool Church Website

I recently checked out a great church website, Jacob's Well is a church here in Kansas City.

If you go to the community section on their website, you will find one of the most innovative church sections around. It works a lot like myspace, allowing one to add photos, subscibe to blogs, post comments, and more.

Would you like to see these features in the church's website, and would you use them?


The Queen: said...

I looked it over and thought it looked great. They had a nice look, easy to read, easy to find out what the church was about and it really described its missional vision. (Yes, I really used the word "missional". I always thought you made that silly word up!)
Great ideas!

James said...


Thanks for looking it over. I give you an A+ in vocabulary today!

Yes, missional is entering into the vernacular now. Fundamentally it is about taking up Christ's mission to world and involves a "sent" mentality.