Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Christianity is about a lifestyle, not one hour a week

Do you feel sometime that something is missing in our "Christian" lives? So many times we divide Sunday morning from the rest of the week. One hour a week is sacred, and the rest is secular. Is this how Jesus saw life? No, he saw his whole life as a mission of God.

Michael Frost has developed a set of missional practices for their community to help them live the Christian life 24/7. They join together with one or two other Christian friends and seek to do the following together:

B-Bless the lives of 3 people each week (1 a Christian, 1 a non-Christian, 1 either);
E-Eat together with 3 others each week (1 Cbristian, 1 a non-Christian, 1 either);
L-Learn about Jesus’ life style by reading a gospel or reading about Jesus each week;
L-Listen to God’s voice each week;
S-Send—spend time in a “third place” each week (cafĂ©, coffeeshop, common interest group, etc.) to get to know non-Christians. Again, do this together with 1 or 2 Christian friends.

What kind of impact would this make upon the world and our own lives if we consistently adopted this lifestyle?


k.s. said...

Wow.... what a great set of practices to implement for all Christians. What a HUGE impact I believe it would make in our lives if as Christians we could adopt the missional lifestyle mentioned here.
As a somewhat new Christian I still remember how intimidating it could be to just hang out with some Christians let alone actually step foot inside a church. I was lucky, I had some friends who took the time to come to me and my family on our turf so to speak. My family is now part of a wonderful church family. I can understand how hard it can be to seek activity that doesn't involve other Christians. For me spending time with my church family has become the easy part of being a Christian. But the practices that you talk about here include not only making time to spend with other Christians but also non-Christians and to include spending time in what is called "third places". Herein lies the problem for many. For those who as it talks about here divide their "Christian" lives are not always living as Christians outside the church. Those who have become comfortable in the church often have a hard time "going out" from the church. If we start to feel that something is missing in our "Christian" lives maybe we need to look at how we are spending our time away from church or check to see if we staying "inside" the church. Remember that we must "GO OUT' and "SEEK" for those who don't know what they are missing!!

James said...


Your thoughts and insights continue to amaze me. You said "spending time with my church family has become the easy part of being a Christian." Yes, there is a comfort level in being with Christians, but if we spend time only with Christians, how can we reach the world?

The best thing for us to do is to go with other Christians "on mission" into places where we can get to know non-Christians. And this takes frequent interaction--ideally two or three times a week.

John and I have taken up these practices together. It will be a great bonding experience for us, and will help us do what we want and need to do--live the life of Jesus. Those that find this lifestyle appealing could ask a Christian friend to do this with them. They would probably feel honored. Most of us also want to live this kind of life, so many will respond in a positive way. Spread the word!

steve said...

Thanks for encouraging me to check out these practices. I like the simplicity of them.

tony said...

Hi James - found your link via Alan Hirsch's post and the comments there. I really like this idea as well - so simple yet could be hugely transformative. Thanks for posting the ideas. Blessings!

James said...


It's great to have you drop by. We welcome your thoughts! Alan is great, isn't he?

My friend John and I have adopted these practices, and they have been really great. We found that we do need to get into a "rhytem" of doing these things, otherwise life piles up and you get to the end of the week and you find out--opps, I didn't do anything this week!

Look forward to hearing from you again.

tony said...

Hi James,

Thanks for the comment and visit on my blog. Very cool stuff, looking forward to reading more. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

While I think this is a great idea, too many times the church makes it hard to accept people that don't measure up to the standards of the church. The church should be a place where someone can come with their hurts and sins and still be loved. Someone should feel comfortable to confess their sins to other christian and have the prayers, support and love of christians. Until you can accept people where they are in life, you will not be able to talk to anyone about the love of Christ.