Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Young Adults want a lifestyle and authenticity, not religion

I hope everyone had a great holidays! Sorry for the long break in blogging. We will be back on at least a weekly basis again beginning today.

Our Starbucks group continues to grow, with people inviting their friends. Last Monday we had some great discussion. We talked about how Jesus was liked by the non-religious people but disliked by the religious people. The reason he was loved by non-religious people? Because he ate with, drank with them, sat with them, talked with them, loved them. He did not shout at them with a bullhorn from afar, telling them how messed up they were. While calling them to a different life, he did this in close proximity to them, as he ate and drank with them.

On Monday, one of the Starbucks workers, a lovely young woman, asked what the book we were reading was about. She indicated that she didn't have much use for "religion," but seemed interested in a lifestyle of loving and serving other people. Jesus didn't have much use for "religion"--a bunch of heartless rituals that had no impact upon one's life.

Worship of God is important. But we should not forget that we are called to serve God and others continually--it is a lifestyle. Without this daily worship, our Sunday worship will be seen for what it is--a bunch of words without any substance.

What do you guys think about "religion"?