Sunday, May 13, 2007

What I did for Mother's Day for my very special wife and very special mother

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers everywhere!
This morning I got up very early to get some things to surprise Becki. I went and bought some beautiful, fresh flowers, a balloon, and some pastries, setting them out on the table. I even cleaned up a few dishes. And of course I wrote a nice card.
Underneath the card is a digital camera, replacing the one that was stolen out of Becki's car. Well, she's still not up yet, but I hope she will enjoy the surprise and advanced thought.

Later today I will call my mother and thank her for all that she has done through the years. I wouldn't be the person I am today without her reading Bible stories to me at a young age, and teaching me throughout the day all through the years. Her warm smile and servant's heart will always make me smile.

Thank you to all mothers out there. We fathers (and sons and daughters) would be a mess without you!


The Queen: said...

That was a very thoughtful post! I know that Becki was very pleased that you remembered her and did it in a special way. Nice job!

Vasquez Adoption Experience said...

Not to be a "Debbie Downer," but Mother's Day (and Father's Day for that matter) is hard for my wife and I because we wrestle with infertility issues. We are in the adoption process (hence the name of our profile for posting), but as we wait it is still hard to find the patience we need at times.

We had a minister at another church we attended for a number of years gloss over the subject thinking of only the majority of women who had children. It was hard, but we chocked it up to another lesson in perservering through.

Last week, I heard a broadcast on Focus on the Family where a commentator said, "I appreciate all the moms out there, but on this occasion I really feel led to think fondly of women who have not been able to concieve or moms who have lost children or those who don't have their children close to them."

I really appreciated that statement and it made me appreciate my mom and my wife even more. We rejoice when our friends tell us they are pregnant or trying, it's just hard as we await our turn. :)

James said...

Thanks, Cynthia. Becki appreciated the gesture. Anytime I can think ahead on these types of things, she is impressed and touched.

James said...


I hear what you are saying. When I speak on these issues, I try to acknowledge some of the pain of life--like for instance, that not everyone has had a great experience with a parent.

The universal bond on these days is not that we are all fathers or mothers, but that all of us have fathers and mothers--even if only biologically. And where these are missing in more real ways, God and the church are there to help fill out our family.