Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Horrible Story of Modern Day Slavery

Here is a horrible story of modern day slavery. A millionaire couple confiscated the visas of two immigrants and forced them to work as slaves in their home. They abused them, and despite having millions of dollars, refused to pay them.
This is true evil at work. I really am amazed at how anyone could so despise another human being and be so callous as to do this type of thing.
The two women are now being taken care of by Catholic Charities, thankfully.

It must pain God to have his children treat one another like this. I just talked with a member today, and she was very upset at the fact that her adult children did not get along with one another. I know my parents felt the same way when my brother, sisters, and I did not get along. Think how God--who created us out of love and in his image--must feel about humanity's inhumanity towards one another. Sad.

If there were ever a call for the church to be missional, to go out and proclaim the reign of God and transform society, it is now.
Do you think things like this happen more frequently now, or less? Why?