Friday, May 11, 2007

The Rise of the Millenial Generation--and unlike Boomers, they don't like to argue

My brother recently sent me a great article on the Millennial generation.

Here is what they say about the Millennials, which are called the next great generation. Here is what they say about the Millennials, who will not tolerate the Don Imus' of the world.

The current Millennial Generation . . . will correct for what today's teens perceive are the excesses of middle-aged Boomers - the narcissism, impatience, iconoclasm, and constant focus on talk (usually argument) over action.

Interesting that Newsweek's Boomer Fineman asserts that, "America was built on argument. Arguing is what we are." According to Strauss & Howe, it would be more appropriate for him to say "Arguing is what Boomers are."

In other words, the new kids are growing up to be anti-Boomers, the same way that Boomers themselves rebelled against their own parents and grew up to be anti-conformists. The Millennials should grow to fill the social role of the departing GI generation - the likes of Joe Dimaggio (died 1999) (Where have you gone, Joe Dimaggio? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you…), Ronald Reagan (2004) and Jimmy Stewart (1997).


Arguing is death in talking with Millenials. They will turn off argument and steer very clear of those who engage in it. If we want to reach this generation with the gospel, we must show our love and win hearts and minds through action. So we need to resist the urge to argue, "win our points," and the like. We can win the argument, put the millennial will say,"Whatever, dude," and just walk away.