Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Christians help us realize how blessed we are

Dennis (our associate minister) and I just got back from having a Bible study with Eloise and James, two new converts. Several times tears came to their eyes as they spoke of the blessings that they have found in Christ.

New Christians bless our lives in so many ways. They have a gratitude and wonder that we long time Christians often do not have. I think of new Christians like Kim Smith, who inspire me every week as they talk in wonder about God and his blessings. My faith is built up through theirs. Thank you to all the new Christians who have taught me so much!


James said...

I was struggling a bit with some real illustrations for my mother's day sermon. But hearing Eloise talk of her mother and grandmother touched me and have given me some wonderful stories to share.

A reminder to all of us preachers--when you are with people, you do not have to search much for illustrations. The best illustrations come from real life. And people are interested in people.

Vasquez Adoption Experience said...

Agreed. New Christians are so fragile and really can be made or broken in the first few months of conversion.

It's cool that you guys had the opportunity to be there during these first moments to guide and protect.

James said...


I know that you rank high in the pastoral gift, desiring to help nurture Christians and see them grow in their faith. This is very important. We must not leave people at the baptistry.

We seek to place each new convert into a discipleship group of 3-4 of the same gender following their baptism. We use Greg Ogden's book, Discipleship Essentials. It is good material, but the key is the relationl aspect of the group. People don't fall away if they have some key people with whom they bond and who care for them.