Friday, April 20, 2007

The gospel and outsourcing to India

Today I'm at the India Missions Workshop, held at the Blue River Church of Christ in Lee's Summit, Missouri. I'll be speaking at the workshop tomorrow at 10:30 AM on "Why We Share Jesus."

Right now I'm watching a DVD on India, entitled a Day in the Life of an Indian Preacher and Shepherd. It was good to see real faces put upon the incredible spread of the gospel in India.
There are some 900,000 members of churches of Christ in India, according to some estimates.
I saw pictures of two seventy year old members of the church who lived on $5 a month from the government. I saw little children running around, happy. I saw a woman drawing water from a well. I saw actual shepherds and sheep.
It struck me how Ameri-centric we are when we talk about things such as "outsourcing to India." Americans resent such things, and I would too if my job got out-sourced. But does this not help those living in poverty in India. Does this not enable church members there to get a good paying job and support local preachers, not to mention eat?
Why are we more conccerned about jobs for Americans than jobs for Indians, who are much poorer than us? Is this right or wrong? What do you think?