Thursday, March 20, 2008

What is this blog all about?

In moving to McKinney and working with a new church, we now have quite a number who are new to this blog. So I thought I would take a moment to explain the purpose of this blog.

First, I'll explain the name:
  • Random - While I generally have some main topics that I seek to address, I will draw upon a variety of topics that fit into the other purposes of the blog. And sometimes I just put things in that I find interesting.
  • Stimulating - One of the things I seek to do is to try to help people think about the world around them and to "analyze" culture, rather than just blindly accept the predominant worldview. So I will often comment upon cultural trends and phenomenons, politics, and news. (A note on politics--I seek to find truth in all people and things. So just because I point out something positive in a candidate, that does not mean that I am necessarily endorsing him or her.)
  • Missional - The word "missional" means "sent." Jesus told his disciples, "As the Father sent me, I am sending you" (Jn. 20:21). To be sent, both individually and as a church, is to recognize that we are always "on mission," that this outward thrust is fundamental to who we are, not just an add-on. So I try to highlight this concept and give practical ways for people to reach out to the world.
  • Spiritual - For Christians, all of life is Spiritual, for the Spirit of God lives inside of us. I try to highlight how we can have a greater awareness of God in our daily lives and serve him throughout the week.

There are other purposes of this blog, including:

  • Providing some openness and transparency. Many at High Pointe have already commented how they feel that they know me through this blog. I am so glad of this. Hopefully people who are seeking feel the same way, and will be more likely to visit us.
  • Providing a sense of community. An online community is not a substitute for a real community. However, hopefully this blog can serve as a "water cooler," where people can come together and chat about various things. This can help give people a feeling of connectedness throughout the week. I always hope that people will comment, so that the voice of the community is heard, and not just one person. So tell us what you think and help us generate some dialogue!
  • Providing a research log that can be indexed. I love learning and researching, but I hate filing. The good news is, by posting things that I run across, I can go back and do searches on various topics.
  • Providing a bit of an online journal and personal scrapbook. My friends at Liberty have asked me to post some more family pictures and the like now that we have moved away. I probably could do more of this, and years later will really like it. Personal things like this can also help "humanize" a minister and let people know that I am just an ordinary Joe.

Well, for better or worse, that is why I blog!

Which of these things do you like? What topics are of interest to you?


Anonymous said...

You should probably change your location to McKinney, TX. LOL. I think this is going to be a great avenue to reach a lot of the congregation on a personal level that you cannot get at the service.

Mr. E said...

I like all topics! You should try reading a blog called "Java Jesus" sometimes, they have some very interesting discussions about spirtiual matters.

See ya, Sunday!
Mark English

James said...

Chad, thanks for the heads up on the location. I have changed this to McKinney, though Liberty will always be a part of me as well. Glad you like this avenue, and I hope that you will frequent and comment often.

Mr. E., I'll have to check out Java Jesus. You do strike me as a guy who could converse about most anything. Looking forward to meeting you on Sunday.

Anonymous said...


Through your blog you've challenged us to think about things in new ways due to the changing of society. This was sent to me today at work and I thought it captured the essence of what you post.

Tim (Ankeny, Iowa)

A Thought…
"In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists." -E. Hoffer