Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our transition

Sunday was quite an emotional day. I could not sleep at all Saturday night, and wondered whether I could make it through the service. Class, conversations with people, and the first part of the sermon were all tough to get through. Then I got into the biblical part of the sermon, which put me in a familiar rhythm. By then, I had expended about all of my tears through the night and morning and so was able to finish. I know that God helped me through your prayers. I had several people tell me that they saw my post on Saturday night and had prayed for me. Thank you so much!

The depth of emotion on both sides of this (us and the church) has been quite overwhelming. I'm not normally like this. I had people cry in my arms. Wow--it is amazing to be this loved. Liberty, know that it is 100% mutual.

Dennis and Judy and I went out to lunch yesterday. We are all Achievers (www.strengthsfinder.com), but found time for a last lunch. I have worked with Judy for six years, side by side. She is one of the most servant hearted people that I have ever known, and she shares the mission. Dennis is a great guy, who has come on board in the last year or so. He too shares the mission, is a hard worker too, and will help maintain the values and ministries that have been in place. Dennis said that after seeing how hard this leaving has been on me and the church, he is just going to die here. We all cracked up at that.

My parents arrived yesterday. It was good to see family, since we are leaving a true church family behind. And now we are getting ready to be a part of a new church family.

We will be moving out on Thursday. Our house still has not sold, so we are going to be staying with a family at High Pointe who also has a house over in California. We will stay in their house while they are gone.

We'll keep you posted. Please continue to keep us in your prayers!