Friday, March 14, 2008

We've arrived in Texas

Hello all. Last night we got in about 10:00 PM to McKinney. We got off a little bit late, and the trip took a little longer than expected. We heard that we missed a bit of "welcome wagon" from some people who had heard we would be out earlier. Sorry to those who came out! We will have many good times ahead.

Today we got moved into our new "home"--a house of some of the members here who are going to be gone to another house that they own in California. It is very generous of them to let us stay with them as we wait for our house to sell.

I know that we have been a bit slow on email and the like this week. Sorry about that. Next week we should be back in the swing of things.


Meriann said...

Welcome to your new home. We are so excited you and your family have made it here safely. I can only imagine how exhauted physically and emotionally you are as you close one chapter and prepare for a new one. We look forward to getting to know you and make you feel at home.

Kevin and Meriann Moses

Mr. E said...

Welcome to Texas. My family and I will look you up on Easter Sunday, while we are visiting family. You shouldn't be to hard to find, being the guy on stage and all.

James said...

Hi Meriann. Thank you for the welcome! Did we see you this morning? We will be trying to connect up names and faces (and bloggers) for a while now. Thanks for making us feel at home.

James said...

Mr. E., I'll look forward to meeting you on Easter. We'll see you then!

Anonymous said...

Welcome (back) to McKinney! I'm sure much has changed here since you left. We are really excited to have you with us and feel truly blessed. We look forward to getting to know you, Becki and the girls (actually, our daughter will be really excited too)! We moved here about 2 1/2 years ago from Illinois and are still getting acclimated to Texas. We are very grateful for our High Pointe family. You are both a very welcome addition.

Al and Chris Vilches