Monday, March 03, 2008

A tough, emotional week

This weekend was pretty emotional. Becki and I went to a banquet for us with the elders, their wives, and Dennis and Dianne. It was a great time, with food, sharing of great memories, and a bit of a roasting. They know me far too well! One of my kids' favorites "dates" is to go to Barnes and Noble, read books, and drink hot chocolate. They teased me about our kids listing such things, rather than amusements parks and the like, as their favorite things to do. We teared up during this time, during the Sunday sermon, in our minister/staff prayer meeting this morning. I really don't know how I am going to get through next Sunday's service.

One thing I do know--we love this church dearly, and they love us. Every meaningful conversation with people seems to result in one or the other--usually both--tearing up. I thought I was more of a man than this! :)

If you have seen The Lord of the Rings, the last scene in the last film is called, "A long goodbye." Indeed, this scene is quite long, as Frodo says goodbye to Sam and his family and his cousins. The music is slow, and they cherish the moments. This well describes what we feeling and doing right now. I know that we will visit many, many times. We have lifelong friends here whom we will never forget.


Jburgess80 said...

I'm sure it is a hard time right now. But know that God has great things planned for you and your family. You have touched many lives where you are and you have many more lives to touch through HP. Good news is that with technology, staying in touch is easier than it has ever been. E-mail is a wonderful thing. As for you thinking you were more of a takes a man to realize what is important to him and what sacrifices he needs to make. Tearing up...probably the manliest thing we can do (this comes from a guy who has done his share of tearing up). WE cannot wait to have you in McKinney! Enjoy your precious time in MO.

James said...


Good to hear from you, always. As you say, technology does make it easier to stay in contact. This blog (which will also be worked into the new High Pointe site) is one of the ways that we can stay in contact with our friends.

While this is a very tough week, we ARE looking forward to the work there, and enriching our lives with two wonderful churches. Thank you for your encouragement. You certainly left a memorable impression upon us during our visit to High Pointe.

Anonymous said...

With today email and computers you will never be to far away. You have been a blessing in my life and you will be a blessing in many more that is what I belive God has ment for you to do. I will miss all of you but I also know that Texas is only 2 hours away by plane

James said...

Birgit, you are right. It is easier to stay in touch today. I hope that you will stay in touch through this blog at least. So glad to have you come to faith in Christ and to know you.