Monday, March 31, 2008

Today's Tornado Scare - How Danger Draws Christians Together

We had a tornado warning today, and for a while we were congregated in one room in the offices. Then it passed. (The picture shown here is not the actual tornado--but this one sure looks scary, doesn't it?)

It is amazing how danger draws people together. What would happen if Christianity became illegal or "dangerous" to practice. Do you think we would find our relationship with other Christians to be stronger? Would we value them more? Would we put minor differences behind us?

In the first century, if you found someone who would confess that Jesus was Lord, and not Caesar or Zeus, you found a brother and a friend. And you would cling to them for dear life when the Romans came to hunt you down.

Do you think there would be more or less unity in America is Christianity somehow became illegal?


Anonymous said...

I believe we are truly blessed to live in a country with freedom of religion. I think we would would have less unity. It wouldn't happen over night. I am sure there would be a huge outcry to begin with, but over time as the government began to take action people would start valuing life rather than religion.


Anonymous said...


From what I hear there are more Christians (generic term) in China vs. the Undited States. Adversity strengthens your faith. We are blessed so abundantely here that it causes us to take are faith for granted many times.


Anonymous said...

I've always felt that if we were physically persecuted, it wouldn't take long to find out who the strong, committed Christians were, and who would trade Jesus for the world. Which in a sense is crucifying our Lord and Savior all over again.

James said...

Hey Chad.

Certainly government oppression would cause many who are only nominally committed to their "religion" to abandon their faith. The question is, what would it do to the rest?

I had fun Sunday night playing volleyball with you guys. Thanks for the invite.

James said...


It is interesting that you would mention China. I have some very interesting stats on this that I'll share on Sunday. It is fascinating what is happening in China.


Anonymous said...

Bill, I believe you are right. Do you think there would more Christians gathering in hiding or gathering in public? We would need to do it in public to continue the message.