Tuesday, June 02, 2009

When you sense a change in posting habits, something may be up

i was just reading the other day (in one of my many books/sites on social networking) that if you sense a change in a person's posting habits--say, they go silent or sporadic in posting for a time--they may have something else going on. This is commonsense, of course, but sometimes we fail to put two and two together.

Anyway, an elder buddy of mine came by today and mentioned that he had noticed I had been kind of quiet on the blog front. And this is true. Several things have been going on . I had a D.Min. paper to finish and turn in, we had friends in town, and then a lot of ministry stuff throughout.

This week we are leaving for OC's Quest, where I'll be helping with facillitating the missional church track and serving on a panel about leadership, following Dr. Ken Jones. So, the blogging may still be sparse the next few days. I also blog on the Missional Outreach Network and microblog on Twitter. It all keeps me hopping.

Are you able to sense changes in blog/Facebook/Twitter or other kinds of posting of your friends? What do these changes tell you?