Saturday, June 20, 2009

Alamo and outdoor preaching

We ate at the Buckhorn for lunch. A ggod burger, and some good live music. Thank you to our neighbor Margie for her suggestion!

The girls wanted to go back to the science museum, so Becki gave me a 30 minute reprieve to walk around. I wandered down to The Alamo and looked at it from the outside.

I had been warned by people not to expect too much from The Alamo. Even prepared, I was struck by how small it was. Obviously, the legend is larger than real life. That made me think how God can take our small stands, like those brave men in The Alamo, and use them in profound ways years, even decades later, to inspire others.

Outside of The Alamo was a man preaching about Jesus. I did not hear a lot of the preaching, bit I did hear him singing, Precipis is the Blood of Jesus. Of is still in my head, snd I did not know thesong before he sang it.

Not many people are going to stop for open air preaching, though a really good singing group might stop some. But I thought, I wonder if this could not still touch someone. If I am still singing that song in my head, could not someone else be doing the same thing? Is it possible that God could use this to touch someone's heart for Jesus and later seek him out?

I concluded that God could indeed use this. Somehow, we need to find ways to bring Jesus into the public square. Rather, he is already in the public square. We need to find ways to help people sense his presence.

What do you think about open air preaching and singing? A good idea or a bad idea? Helpful or hurtful to the spread of the gospel?

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James said...

Unfortunately, a great many people equate street-corner preachers with the lunatic fringe. I think that was pretty much accurate in another time, and is why most people won't stop to listen. But if someone is saying or singing something that is relevant, then I fully believe it can enter a heart (as this man's song did yours) as a seed. Some ground will be good ground, and the seed will grow, and in God's time fruit will be produced.

James Nored said...

James, you are correct about the perception that many people have had of street preachers. Most people still probably feel this way. I doubt if many are converted directly through street preaching. This is not how conversion works today, anyway. Conversion for most people is very personal and takes time. But can this be a way to plant seeds? For some, I think it can.