Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Renovare Blogging 7

The main speaker in today's afternoon session is Richard Foster. This is the first time I have heard him in person. I am surprised about some things-he speaks very flowerly and poetically, and he is wearing a suit and tie. I expected this teacher on simplicity to be a bit more, well, simple in style and delivery. But what he is saying is great.

Foster is speaking on the importance of words, as demonstrated in the wires of Moses. No other person in Scripture has more recorded words than Moses.

Words have the power to hurt or heal. Our postmodern world recognizes the importance of words, how they limit or empower. We would do well to take note of this.

The words of the gospel can be words that heal and bring hope and meaning into people's lives. May we share these healing words with the world around us.

What words do we need to share with the church, our family, and the world?

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