Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mission Alive Strategy Lab

This morning I went over and joined some of my friends at Mission Alive, a church planting organization led by Gailyn Van Rheenen, for their "Strategy Lab." These sessions are led primarily by church planters in the field, and what I heard was excellent--theologically based, Spirit-discerned, contextual, and practical.
Chris Chappotin (featured above) talked about building community. In his context, having a barbeque out in the front yard each week and inviting the neighbors has been a great way to build relationships in the neighborhood. These gatherings can help break the brokennes of isolation that is found in suburbia.
Interestingly, tonight we had geographic small groups spread out across the McKinney area and beyond0--including one in our neighborhood. Chappotin's talk fit well into this concept (more on this in my next post).
How would the weekly barbeque in the front yard work in your context for building relationships with neighbors?