Wednesday, June 17, 2009

High Pointe in Your Park (Pictures of Nored/Delaughter Gathering)

Tonight, the High Pointe Church of Christ spread out into parks across McKinney and beyond. We gathered people in our neighborhood who are part of High Pointe, and we invited some of our neighbors.

We had a good turnout. About half of the High Pointe members did not know each other before this, despite living very close to one another. We had a young couple come out to the park--and the husband of this couple I do not believe I have ever seen at our worship. Clearly this was a gathering that was comfortable for him, which is great.

Also, one of our neighbors came down and joined us. Our kids played together, as did some of the kids of the other High Pointe members.

After eating, talking, and playing with the kids, we ended with a prayer for the Russia Let's Start Talking misson team that is leaving on Saturday. We laid hands upon them and prayed for their mission trip. It was great to do this right out in the park.

Our kids said, "We want to do this again!" And we will do this again. It was the great start of a neighborhood gathering, and may form the basis for a new small group. But instead of just Bible study, we can gather together for fellowship with neighbors, prayer, perhaps some neighborhood service. I have also been wanting to do the neighborhood barbeque too, and Chris Chappotin's talk today reminded me of this.

All in all, a great night. We met people and interacted with people that we never would have met or interacted with if we had met in our building. It is great to get out in the community!

Have you done something like "High Pointe in Your Park"? How did it go?