Monday, June 22, 2009

Renovare Blogging 2

Tonight was the big kickoff for Renovare, the Jesus Way. Max Lucado spoke on fear. It is a subject which I have been thinking about a lot lately, along with worry. In the gospels, fear is the opposite of faith. A fearful church or a fearful Christian is probably struggling with faith.

I confess that, like the disciples in the boat, I often struggle with faith-which sometimes manifests itself in worry about the future. But hopefully God can use me as he did the disciples, and I can grow in this.

Eugene Peterson, author of The Jesus Way, spoke on several different aspects of discipleship. He emphasized how Jesus shows us who God is. We see his divinity through humanity. Our culture, on the other hand, wants spirituality to be outside of our humanity. An escape from reality. A spirituality that has no impact upon how we actually live. I am interpretting a bit here, but this is the track I think he was on.

This is the theme of his book The Jesus Way. That we see glimpses of Jesus in people throughout the Bible-in Abraham, David, etc. I have bought his book and look forward to going through it.

What are your thoughts on fear and faith? What kind of spirituality do you think people are looking for?

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