Thursday, October 30, 2008

Archaeologists find 3000 year old Hebrew text

Today a news story came out that archaeologists have discovered a 3000 year old Hebrew text, perhaps with links to King David. It was foud Elah, where the Bible tells us that David killed Goliath. Some of the words found on the pottery piece that have been able to be read so far include "judge," "slave," and "king." Sound biblical?
This text predates the Dead Sea Scrolls by 1000 years! See Achaeology Story.
What do you think of this finding? Does it confirm your faith or not affect your faith?


Anonymous said...

Some might say I am simple-minded...and maybe I am, but no archaelogical finding has any effect on my faith, either to strenghen it or to diminish it, though obviously, these findings are confirmation of my faith.

I am very thankful, however, that archaeologists find these things. Many people do have doubts and surely these reports chisel away at those doubts and confirm and strengthen the faith of those people. This is good!

I expect that the great majority of any findings will confirm what the Bible says...and those that SEEM to contradict it are either incomplete or misinterpreted or fake because the Bible is, absolutely and without fail, accurate. No doubt in my mind.

God IS who He IS and everything He said in scripture is true. If we don't understand or know completely, the gaps are in our finite abilities to know or understand and not in God's infinite power, knowledge and truth.

James said...

Thanks for your thoughts, my friend. The one archaeology course that I had cautioned me against letting acchaeological finds either confirm or weaken my faith too strongly. Many times the intial findings are subsequently proven incorrect, one way or another.

Mainly, I find these things interesting. In general, I expect that if a finding seems to not match up with the Bible, that it will over time. Or perhaps my understanding of the biblical record is mistaken.