Monday, October 20, 2008

Taliban Kill Christian for Sharing Her Faith

Yesterday I spoke on "Jesus Christ, Our Life." It was a sermon about making Jesus the most important person in our life. To illustrate this point, I highlighted Christian martyrs throughout the centuries who had given up their lives for Christ.

While losing our lives for Christ seems remote to American Christians, there are Christians around the world who are losing their lives for their faith. Note this news story about a Christian aid worker in Kabul who is killed for "spreading her religion."

We need to be praying for these Christians around the world.

Would you be willing to die for your faith?


Matt B said...

James- this is a question I believe most every person of faith has considered. Think of people who have been hunted down based on their race or faith: the Jewish people during the Nazi reign, the kids who were shot in Columbine, the hangings of black people during the days of the KKK.

Peter was told he would deny the Lord before the rooster crowed. He said there was no way he would deny Christ, yet he did. He wasn't willing during those times to "die for his faith".

As a husband and father, I see my role as taking care of my family- both physically and spiritually. Would the kingdom be advanced by me confessing Christ as my savior to a mad man with a gun to my head? Maybe- he would be impressed that I was willing to die for my faith. I can't say that I would would confess. I would be thinking about my wife and children.

What say you James?

James said...

Matt, I don't know. That is my honest answer. Who knows what each of us would do in the ultimate test like this? I cannot imagine either denying Christ nor letting my wife/children die. Would I just be paralyzed, perhaps?