Thursday, October 02, 2008

Our trip to Harding

The Harding lectures went well. I taught three sessions on Spiritual gifts, and they were well attended. Since there most probably do not know me, I take this as a good sign that people are interested in this topic. After years--decades?--of ignoring teaching on the Spirit, our people are showing real interest in the Spirit who lives inside of us and how they can better serve.

I saw a lot of friends--Keith Stanglin, who teaches at Harding, and his wife Amanda. Chuck Monan, who preaches at Pleasant Valley Church of Christ in Little Rock, AR, and his minister friend Jeff Spry. Chuck helped encourage me to go into ministry, and we used to minister together in Oklahoma.

Jeff is doing some great work partnering with government and charitable organizations, helping connect churches to these groups to serve the community. He will be leaving Pleasant Valley soon to start a non-profit organziation to help churches connect across the country. We'll probably bring Jeff in in the Spring to talk about this.

One ministry that we will definitely be looking into is Celebrate Recovery, a ministry that helps people recover from various forms of addiction. I met with one of the ministers from White's Ferry Road, Mike, who does work with World Radio, to discuss this.

White's Ferry Road has been using this ministry, which was started by Saddleback, to reach many people for Christ. (By the way, anyone who has interest in this ministry, both for members and as an outreach, or know of people who might be interested, let me know). They have 150 people attending on Friday nights.

I also saw friends from Liberty, Oklahoma Christian University, students from High Pointe, and old friends from all over. Lectureships really do bring people together, for learning, connecting, and discovering successful ministries across our fellowship.


Pam said...

Glad you had a good response to your Spiritual Gifts sessions in Searcy...and were able to meet up with old friends.

Re ministering to those with various addictions, there is a successful group based here in the Dallas area that you may want to contact for more information. They already have regular meetings each week at 3 different congregations in the area: Greenville Oaks in Allen, Webb Chapel in Dallas, and Saturn Road in Garland.

You can contact Steve Steele at 972-243-4673 or for more information. I know he would be glad to meet with you. The website is


MarcKimVasquez said...

Good call on getting involved in Celebrate Recovery. I've not only been part of that ministry in the past as someone seeking help, but also served in it and there is real healing for individuals.

the overwhelming thing is when a new person comes and usually says the same thing we've all said in the group, "I thought I was the only one who dealt with this. I didn't think anyone would understand."

Very cool stuff. Keep up the momentum dude.