Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Who will win the election?

Who will win the 2008 presidential contest--Barak Obama or John McCain? I asked this question on one of my websites on an online poll. The results so far? There have been 19 respondents, and all 19 have said that John McCain will win.

That is interesting, considering I did not ask who did people want to win. I asked who they thought would win--a prediction.

How do you explain this prediction, since McCain is down in every poll? Is this a desire for McCain to win, or does this group know something others don't know?


Anonymous said...

More importantly, who gets my vote for control of my life. Remember, to be a Christian, you do not have to be a Republican. Also, it is ok if a christian is a Democrat. What is more important, is that I daily vote for King Jesus by my attitude and actions to all. In the last two days, I have had two christians, one a sister and the other a brother; tell me an ethnic joke and the other to misquote scripture telling me how to vote. I do not believe that is the way Jesus would approach this election day or any other day. jv

James said...


You make some great points. I follow politics religiously (no pun intended!), but I place no hope in laws to change hearts.

Tony Campolo has a great book called, "Is Jesus a Republican or a Democrat." He makes similar points as you make here.