Thursday, October 23, 2008

A sad mission

Teresa, who volunteers here in the office and is on our outreach team, and I are going to go and take food to a family who is friends with one of our members. The son in the family committed suicide. Please pray for them, and that we can be a source of love and healing for them.

What can we do to prevent suicide? Also, how can we best minister to families who has had someone in their family commit suicide?


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for doing that. I have already gotten a phone call of how wonderful you both were to them and they very much appreciated you taking the time to visit and pray with them. You guys are so great!

James said...

Tabitha, we were glad to go. Melissa and Jane were so open and appreciative. Please let us know if we can serve them further.

Thank you for your heart for others. I'm looking forward to discussing how you can grow even more in sharing your faith. You are a great encouragement to me!

Anonymous said...

Today was the memorial service for Troy. The Menne's are all doing well and the service was good. Wanted to put a bug in your ear that Greg and Jane have been going to a Church of Christ in Allen but have not placed membership there as of yet. They were very impressed with you and Teresa and I think would be open to coming to visit us. I did invite them tonight and Jane did say that they sure might like to come visit. They also sent one of the arrangements from the service with me to give to the church to enjoy as their Thank you for all you've done.

James said...

Thank you for sharing this with us. They were so gracious in the midst of their grief. I would be glad to visit them again or welcome them here. Precious people who have suffered greatly.