Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm about to perform a wedding

That's right. I'm up here at the church building, getting ready to perform a wedding at 2:00 PM today. This will be the wedding of the soon to be James and Marie Ward. They are a couple from the community who came in looking for someone to marry them.

I view these types of weddings as an opportunity to serve and reach out. I've done some pre-marital counseling with them, and we have scheduled after the wedding a time to begin doing some Bible study as well. Please pray for this study and for their marriage.

Did you have pre-marital counseling? Was it helpful?


Anonymous said...

Right on! Beautiful example of listening and responding when God gives us opportunities to serve. jv

Anonymous said...

This is great James. Thanks for reaching people so effectively. Enjoy the day.

James said...

Thanks, guys!