Saturday, November 01, 2008

Giving Series Begins Sunday

Tomorrow we'll begin a short series on giving. I always grow through these series, and as much as anything, they help affirm in my own mind God's promises and teachings on giving.

Money is the alternative God in our world. We are too sophisticated to bow down to anything else. But our media saturated culture constantly pushes us to consume and buy more. This shapes our heart towards material things.

So this series is called, "Giving Shapes Our Heart" (see the nice artwork by Rebecca Hope). As part of this series, I have written a short devotional book with a daily individual or family devotional thought for each day of the series. It is a combination of biblical teaching and personal reflections on giving. On November 16, we will purpose our giving for the year.

How does our culture shape us towards material things? How can we best resist this shaping?