Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our cruise to Mexico on the Carnival Ecstasy

Hey, we're back from our cruise to Mexico on the Carnival Ecstasy! Many of you have asked how this went, so here is the low down.

Monday - We got on board about 1:00 PM. Got into our room. Looked around, saw the ship. When we went to eat in the evening, Becki was sea sick.

Tuesday - A day at sea. Spent the day reading mainly. Tuesday evening was formal night. Took some pictures in our formal wear. Becki made it through dinner.

Wednesday - Port of call at Progreso, Mexico. Took a bus out to see the Mayan ruins. Ate some good Mexican food out at the ruins. Spent a short time at a beach.

Thursday - Port of call was Cazumel, Mexico. Took a cab to "Paradise Beach." Ate some good nachos at the beach. I watched some of the Dallas Cowboys-Seattle Seahawks game while Becki read out on the deck. Slept through dinner.

Friday - Day at sea. Read. Saw some of the Mumbai bombing. Watched movie (Ironman). Saw a musical in the evening that was a strange mix of The Wizard of Oz, WW II, Barlem and Bailey, and music through the decades.

Saturday - Back at Galveston.

There were a lot of good things about the trip. The service on board was great, the food was pretty good (I think I gained a couple of pounds, unfortunately), we had a decent cabin, and the Mayan ruins were interesting. Becki and I spent some time together, and for once, I didn't work for a week.

There were some things that were a little disappointing. Becki struggled with getting her "sea legs" (or sea stomach) for much of the trip. There was just one small adult pool on the ship. I guess we have seen too many commercials and too many episodes of the Love Boat, because we both thought that this would be a lot bigger and where we would hang out. The beach at Progresso was not that pretty, and the one at Cazumel was packed (probably because we were on a free beach). Because we went on Thanksgiving, there were a ton of families with older kids there, but not a lot of young couples. We missed out on not having more people our age to hang out with.

Overall, while it was good for us to get away, our trip was a bit different than expected. But hey, we're not complaining. We rarely get to spend a week away without our kids, and we certainly had an experience that many people will never have. There were people working on the ship from all around the world working service jobs. They were so wonderful, and I could not help but think how blessed we were.

If we go on another cruise, it will be with some friends, which would be a lot of fun! Probably try out another cruise line too. Thanks for all of the well wishing and for thinking of us. We're now ready to see you again! :)

Have you been on a cruise? What was your experience?


deepika said...
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JB said...

Lisa and I have been on 2 cruises. One was by ourselves around the Hawaiian islands and one was with my sister and her family. Both cruises were quite enjoyable. On the Hawaiian cruise we were able to meet a couple similar to us, whose father happened to be a baptist pastor. We had a good time, chilling out and just making fun wherever we went. Our trip with my sister's family was a blast. That was a Mexican cruise. The nicest thing about cruises is no news, no cell phones, no work!!! One cannot help but relax. Hope you enjoy your next one!!