Friday, November 14, 2008

Giving helps spread the gospel of Jesus Christ

Here is today's devotional thought on giving. To enlarge the devotional, click on the picture to the left.

Studies show that in the average church, the level of giving is 2.5%. In most churches, there are probably about 1/3 who give quite a lot (percentage wise), 1/3 who give some (percentage wise), and 1/3 who give little to none at all. Imagine how many good works could be done and how many local and foreign missionaries we could support in sharing the gospel if 100% of God's people generously!

We must make our church budgets reflect what we say our priorities are--reaching the lost. Churches that are growing evangelistically tend to devote at least 10% of their contributions directly to local outreach. Unfortunately, most church budgets are devoted almost exclusively to members. If there ever is a debate about whether to hire someone who works in outreach or to hire a children, youth, congregational care, etc. minister, the outreach hires almost always lose. Usually, there is not even a debate.

My D.Min. director has a saying: everything that we do is theological. This is so true. Our giving and spending as a church and in our personal lives says something about what we believe. I hope that we believe that reaching lost people is important.

What do you think that our giving says about our theology?