Thursday, November 13, 2008

God makes those who give rich in every way--so that we can be generous on every occasion

Today I came home and my girls ran up to me. Gina said, Daddy, we have to do the giving book now. Last night you were gone, and so we haven't done it!
Yesterday I had meetings from 5:30 PM on, so I did not get to come home and do the devotional with Becki and our girls around the dinner table. This has become our "new habit," and I was glad that they looked forward to it. They really have hearts for God. I am thinking about checking out some other daily devotional material to continue the practice. (We have songs and prayers and Bible stories at nighttime, but this is a bit different.)
To enlarge today's devotional thought on giving, click on the picture to the left.
What do you think of this promise of God to "make us rich"? How is this different or the same compared to the "health and wealth" doctrine?


MarcKimVasquez said...

James, don't you know anything? God gives people he loves lots of money. God helps those who help themselves, right? haha. Just kidding man.

Great topic and kudos to you for reinforcing it with your girls. We're just now getting to the point where we are starting to pray with Jakob so he understands what we hold dear.

One of the struggles I have is that I wish I had more money. Who doesn't right? But wait. I actually sit around sometimes (like when I'm mowing) and fantasize about who I would give large sums of money to if I won the lottery.

What I tend to forget is that our 10% tithe to our church coupled with the giving we do to others especially around this holiday season means something. I think because we don't always see the large solution immediately (our need for instant gratification) we feel we're just another cog in the big giving machine.

BUT, if every seemingly small tithe stopped, where would we be, right?

Wow, that's some good stuff. Thanks for the talk James. You always know just what to say bro. :)


James said...


Praying with little Jakob is awesome and very faith shaping. Kids take in what we say at a much earlier age then what we might believe.

Great points on giving, Marc. Our of our "little tithes," as you say, add up. We need to give both through the church, which allows us to have larger efforts and helps the name of the church, and thus Christ, as well as help the people that God puts in our path.

Always good to hear your thoughts, Marc.