Friday, December 28, 2007

Does Spiritual gifts discovery help in evangelism? See results

I'm about to head to the doctor to see why I have this vertigo. Now that I have some cold symptoms, I suspect it is an inner ear infection.

The "poll results" are still coming in from the Spiritual gifts surveys. But I thought I would share a couple of early findings, specifically on the impact that Spiritual gifts discovery has upon evangelism.

Note the following statistics from the survey of those who have gone through the discovery process:
  • 78% said that as a result of this process, they have thought more about and/or better served people in the world/workplace/neighborhood

  • 50% said that this process has helped them share their faith or help non-Christians come to faith in some way

  • 61% believe that if most in the church would go through this process, the church could better fulfill its mission and reach the lost

These are amazingly high stats, especially considering that most people are motivated to take the assessments because of personal spiritual growth or to find their place in the church. I'll have more to say later on this, with much more extensive results.

Why do you think this process is seems to be so effective in helping people to reach out and share their faith?


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James said...

No speako espanisho. Sorry!

I guess since I'm moving to Texas, I will need to learn some Spanish.

All I know is, yo keiro Taco Bell. That will have to change, I'm sure.