Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Our Christmas

Here is what we have been up to this Christmas.

On Saturday we went to Omaha, Nebraska, to see Becki's parternal grandmother and some of her father's relatives (the Dominas). I I come from a very different upbringing than these relatives, and relating to this group required a bit of "cross-cultural" skills. We do share a love for God. We spent about half the day there, and then we went on to Becki's maternal grandparents (the McCords), who live on a farm in Harlan, Iowa.

While I did not grow up on a farm, I am a bit closer culturally to this side of Becki's family. Many of the children and grandchildren, for instance, went to Christian colleges. I had some good conversations with one of Becki's uncles, Charlies who lives in Michigan, and one of her aunts, Becky, who lives in Garland, TX. We discussed the church, spiritual gifts, and God's working in our lives.

Unfortuantely, at the McCord house, Becki's neice, Abby, broke two bones in her leg while sledding down a hill. Poor thing!

We worshipped in Harlan, a church of about 50-60 that was bursting at the seams from the family visitors. Later that day we drove back to Liberty (a trip of about four hours).

Yesterday we had our Christmas. I got Becki a certificate to the "Serendipity Spa," for a day of pampering. I received some lounging clothes, which I'm very comfortable in and wearing right now. The kids received various books, musical toys and movies.

Becki's sister and her family and one of her brothers joined us in the evening yesterday. I went with Dave, my brother-in-law, to see Will Smith's movie I Am Legend. http://www.hollywood.com/movie/I_Am_Legend/378959 It was a lot different than I expected, almost a horror film. I wouldn't take your wife or girlfriend out to see this--it has some rather disturbing images. Still, it made an interesting point about God at the end. Most of Becki's family left early this morning. Her mother is still here, helping us around the house.

I am working on my evangelism and Spiritual gifts paper for one of my doctoral classes. It is due at the end of December. With all that has gone on--job interviews, getting ready to move, etc.--I still have a lot of work to do on this. So yes, I'm working on Christmas, but technically, we had our Christmas yesterday.

How was your Christmas?


Mr. E said...

Welcome to High Point Church, and thus Texas. Although not a member there, my sister-in-law and her family are. My family and I visit there from time to time.

Read your review of "I Am Legend" I will be sure not to take my wife or kids. I may just wait for it on Netflix.

Look forward to meeting you sometime soon. I will be linking your blog to mine. I look forward to reading your blogs.

Mr. E

James said...

Hi Mr. E. It's good to hear from you! Thanks for the welcome. Our partings here are so precious, while at the same time we are looking forward to new relationships there. I'll be eager to meet you and your family.

No, I wouldn't take the wife and kids to "I Am Legend."

I checked out your blog--quite a good one. By the way, I'm a Texas Rangers fan too. Any thoughts on their trading away Volquez for Hamilton?

Thanks for making contact. I'll look forward to hearing your thoughts!


Mr. E said...

It seems a shame to trade away Volquez just when he finally got his act together. Maybe the Rangers know something about their outfielders I don't. Even if Hamilton finally has his act together, it was Milton Bradley I felt they could have done without. I would have put Cat or Murphy in left, Hamilton in Center, and Byrd in right. But then again what do I know I've been a Ranger fan since 72...and they havn't listened to me yet. Ha-Ha!

Jburgess80 said...

James, It's ok to work on Christmas. As long as it's for a good cause. Me on the other hand am taking this sweet time to do anything but work or school. Good luck on your paper. Get it done so you can come join us in Texas. I need more Maverick fans to heckle while playing the PHX Suns. (formerly an AZ resident). Take care and have a wonderful beginning to your new year.

James said...


After last years' collapse in the playoffs, they deserve heckling. I won't believe anything now until they do something in the post season. Phoenix fan, huh? Well, I still love Steve Nash, even if he's playing on the wrong team.

Jburgess80 said...

He's not playing for the wrong team, he's playing for the team that brought him into the league. He just took some time with the Mavs to spend their money then hone his skills. He's right back where he needs to be. Oh, this is going to be fun...