Friday, December 14, 2007

Email and text messaging--when not to do it

A recent news article highlighted a growing trend of breaking up with someone by email or text message.

This is a horrible thing to do. Email and text messaging is good for information, but not for emotional messages. Do not break up with a girlfriend/boyfriend, quit a job, or lash out in anger through these means. Save these dramas for face to face interaction, or a phone call if that is impossible. Email and texting is the easy way out, the cheap way out, in which we can lash out and not have to deal with the human response. By doing this, we disrespect the person whom we refuse to talk to face to face.

I fear that we are becoming a society that has forgotten how to communicate face to face. I'm told by parents that teens will sit in a room together and text one another. This is probably fun, but it should not replace human interaction.

Why do you think breaking up through email and texting is increasing in popularity?