Friday, December 21, 2007

Man learns his co-worker is his birth mom

The title of this blog says it all. I pretty amazing story. Here is the link.

As I read this story, I wondered about a biblical application. Here is what came to mind.

There are so many people who feel that God is absent from their lives. Then they encounter a godly person who shares Christ with them. And when they look back, they discover that God has been with them all along. Every pre-Christian I have talked to has been able to look back in his or her and see where God put a Christian friend, co-worker, family member, or neighbor into his or her life. It is a great discovery, and one which is faith affirming and brings them joy.

What surprising things have you discovered about God in your life?


Charleen said...

This is amazing, or just spooky that you just posted this. We have just had a very similar situation happen on our home front. My 17 year old son, Corey, just talked to his birth dad for the first time yesterday. They talked for about 30 minutes. I think it went well. Corey and I both prayed about this for a few days after finding him on before he musterded up enough courage to call him in Houston, TX. They talked about many things, but most importantly, Corey talked about God with him. Apparently, Steve (the birth dad) is struggling in his life right now and believes there is a God, but doesn't so much believe in the whole church thing. Corey is an amazing son. After 17 years of nothing. No cards. No calls. No money. Nothing. Corey, whether he realizes it or not, is being a light to him. After 17 years, he could have done a lot of yelling and be demanding answers. Instead, he wanted to know more important things about him.
Any prayers appreciated,

James said...

Hi Charleen. We've been on break, but I saw your post and wanted to respond. God works in amazing ways. As my friend JOhn likes to say, there are no coincidences, only God-indences.

And Corey is an amazing teen. I know that he helped bring you guys back to the church, and now he is reaching out to his birth father.

Charlene, you and your family are another one of those inspiring stories that I will carry with me from Liberty. I always have a special place in my heart for people that I have had an opportunity to share the gospel with. You and your son are some of those people.

Thanks for sharing! God bless.

James said...


I also have said a prayer on this as requested. May God continue to do amazing things.