Thursday, December 20, 2007

Up Late at Night

Well, I sent my last email tonight at 12:30 PM and went to bed. But I can't sleep, even though I am tired. So I'm blogging.

Today Becki's family came into town. They will leave for Iowa in the morning, and we'll follow them on Saturday. We opened a few gifts tonight. Gina had been dying to give us her gifts. She had made for us pictures, ornaments, and a clay figurine. She had also saved her money to buy a gift for her sister, Emily. Pretty precious.

I've been doing a lot of research on websites for the church and for my own sites. Here is a link to a designer who does some great work. Scroll down to the various sites listed on this page and check out some of the church sites.

Here are some of the things we have to do:
  • I have a doctoral class to finish by the end of the year, with paper and project that I'm doing on evangelism and Spiritual gifts
  • I have another class scheduled in January on Theology of Preaching to prepare for
  • We are working to get our house on the market. It is a terrible time to sell, both seasonally and due to the current housing slump. We also have some things to finish on our house. So say some prayers for us!
  • I am working on handing off responsibilities. I have tried to prepare and train various people to do many of the jobs that I do, but some I need to recruit. Hopefully the emphasis upon outreach, discipleship studies, and Spiritual gifts has embedded itself in the congreation, but it will take others championing these causes to keep these ministries flourishing. I am happy that some have already told me that they are going to continue these things. Others have asked me how they are going to continue and I've said, "It is up to people like you."
  • I am preparing for our new work in McKinney. I am coordinating with elders and ministers in some budgeting and planning for the year. There are some things that I can anticipate now, while others cannot be known until I am "on the ground."

I think I might feel sleep coming on, so I'm signing off. Have a great Holidays!