Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What do miraculous stories have to do with us today?

Today I am looking at Acts 12 in preparation for Sunday's message. The biggest part of this chapter is the story of Peter's miraculous escape from prison. Herod had killed James the brother of John, and he had had Peter arrested. An angel appears and leads him out of prison right past the guards. The gates even open by themselves.

This is an interesting story. But what application does it have for us today?

Any thoughts?


Kim S said...

To me the signifigance of this story is simply obvious. When I read these types of stories in the Bible I am filled with hope and encouragement. I read about the unbelievable miracles that God performed and it simply confirms that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE for God.
If it happened in the Bible it can happen today. People tend to think God doesn't preform miracles today but I believe they happen all around us if we just let ourselves see them. For me these stories help to show that what may seem unbelievable or unexplainable in our time, could just be another of God's miracles. That's what I like to believe anyway.

James said...


I would like to bottle you and your enthusiasm and sell it on the street corner! Seriously, you always inspire me.

You are right. Too often we discount God's working today. While there are some gifts that seemed to be limited to the apostles (I haven't seen any one raise the dead today), this does not prevent God from doing whatever he wants to do, whenever he wants to do it.

We cannot and should not put God in a box. He is God. He is God.

Hide Guy said...

God is the same today as He was in Acts 12. Who knows what ways He might choose to work in our lives to resolve problems, bless us, etc.? All we are asked to do is to trust in Him, which is what Peter did in Acts 12. God will take care of the rest.

James said...

Hide Guy,

As you say, trust is key. Could it be that if we trusted God more to do amazing things, that he would do more of them?

One of my friends, Darin, made the following application from this story. He said that we should not be surprised when:

1) God provides money for a mission work when there was little hope.
2) God rescues a faithful servant from imprisonment, disease, etc. in order to continue his work.
3) God gives a new, profitable job to someone who can serve mightily in the Kingdom.
4) God powerfully heals old wounds to put families back together.
5) God actually responds at times to, "If you will help me here, I will serve you."

Thanks for the thoughts on trust.