Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Our New Year

Happy New Year, everyone!

I finished up one of my research papers yesterday on Spiritual gifts and evangelism. I'll post some of the interesting results a little later. It was good to get it done, along with the practical work, Using Your Spiritual Gifts: Serving Like Jesus, which is filled with some great stories of how people at the Liberty church have used their gifts for God and others.

Last night we got together with our neighbors for a New Year's party. We get together regularly with them during holiday times, so it was one of the last times that we would be able to do that with them. We'll miss them, and they expressed how they will miss us as well.

Today I have a wedding to do, and then we'll be doing house things. In the next few days we'll be cleaning up, thinning out, finishing out some remaining house building in the basement, and doing research on pricing. We really have a great house--all fixed up for the next family.

This will indeed be a new year for us. In March, we will have been at Liberty for six years. We will soon be moving to the Dallas area, as you know, to work with the High Pointe Church of Christ. We have been so warmly received there. Many people have contacted us, expressing their joy at our coming and well wishings during the transition. To all of you who have sent us greetings, thank you! You are making us feel well loved already and excited about the upcoming work.

What did you like most about this year? What did you like the least? What are you looking most forward to in 2008?

P.S. Aren't we supposed to have been wearing silver jumpsuits or something in 2008 and have floating cars or something?


Anonymous said...

We are looking forward to you coming to McKinney. Have a great week.

Bill James

Mr. E said...

Happy New Year! According to the Back to the Future movies, we are very close to flying cars, hoverboards (floating skate boards), self-drying clothes, de-hydrated pizza, and a few other things. We do have the flat screen T.V. that hangs on the wall though!

James said...


Thanks for the thought! I'll look forward to working with you.

To Mr. E.-of all of the Back to the Future ideas, I like the flying car the best. This would really help with Dallas traffic.