Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Reflections

A lot has happened over the weekend and today. Do you remember the funeral service that I told you that I attended a week ago Friday night in the inner city of Kansas City? Well, the surviving partner of the person I visited, Yyonne, came and worshipped with us on Sunday. Her daughter, Eloise, was so proud and excited. And Eloise's neighbor, Sharon, continues to visit with us as well. They all are attending our New Community class. In Sunday's class, we talked about the family. One passage we looked at was the passage where Paul speaks of the role of Timothy's mother and grandmother in shaping his faith. In this strong matriarchical family, where grandmothers are raising the grandchildren, this passage resonated with them.

We also had a young couple visit with us on Sunday who was very open. I spoke on following the Spirit of God and his leading in our lives. Becki went and visited them, and they talked about how this spoke to them and how they had a great experience and planned on coming back. It is always encouraging when you are able to help people connect with God. It is hard to make connections with people and then tell them that you are leaving--it is sort of living between times. But there will obviously be a ton of these young couples in High Pointe whom we can try to help.

I met today with Matt and Kevin, working on handing off to them the outreach advertising. They will do a great job on this. Seeing people like this step up and use their gifts for God is so rewarding. Matt also joined us tonight for our Starbucks gathering. Matt and I go together to Sertoma each week, and we have become good friends.

When it comes down to it, the only things that matter in life are God and people. I am blessed to be able to serve God and to have people whom I care about and who care for me.


Amye said...

Hi James,
I just wanted to send some ecnouraging words your way. I am moved by your continual ministry efforts to the people in Liberty and surrounding areas especially during this transitional time. It must be a challenge to make such new connections only to simultaneously make efforts to leave that congregation. I want you to know that I truly appreciate the sacrifice that you and Becki are making by moving to Texas. God is clearly blessing us at High Pointe by sending you our way.

James said...

Hi Amye. Thank you for your encouraging words. I suppose some people might just say, "I'm out of here" and not follow up where possible. But I just care too much about the people and work here.

At the same time, we are so looking forward to the work there. We are expanding our circle of friends, church family, and hopefully influence upon non-Christians. We'll look forward to spending time with you there. God bless.