Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Our Starbucks Group

Here is a picture of our Starbucks group. I'm going to get a picture of us with the workers there the next time our group meets. On the left are two of our elders, Steve and John. I am close to both of them. Third from the left is Janet, a county judge, who was converted about eight years ago. Next to her is Birgit, who was baptized about four years ago. I'm in the middle, leaning over. Next to me is Mark, who is about to move to Wichita. Second from the right is Kim, who was converted two or three years ago. On the far right is Ellyn, who is a friend of John's from work, and now our friend. Ellyn suggested that we read our current book, Amish Grace. She is planning on visiting and worshiping with us before I leave.

This group has had a lot of young adults in it. Many of them are working or going to school right now, or they have moved away recently. But we have been able to help them upon their journey, and have learned a lot from them as well. One of them asked, why can't church be like this? Certainly, the table, communal atmosphere with good drink and fellowship appeals to many in this age group. For suggestions on how to start a Starbucks group, see

Unless your church and community has a tremendous number of young adults, you will probably need some "older members" (40+) to give a group like this (or a young adults class) some stability and consistency. At times we have been packed with young adults, while at other times we haven't had any. And yes, young adults like being around this group, so long as the older members are open, willing to listen, non-dogmatic, and willing to truly befriend them. Many are looking for role models and mentors.