Thursday, January 17, 2008

Checking In, Our media/family room

Sorry for the delay! We have been working to get our house up on the market. It will be on the market on Friday. Here is a picture of our newly finished media room, a 28x29 foot room. Less than half of the room is shown in the picture. The other half has our pool table. With incredible sound and video (100" screen), it really is a great room.

In addition, most of the house is wired for sound, video, and communication. Here are the specs.

Audio Wiring
There is 14 and 16 gauge speaker wiring throughout most of the house, including writing for:

  • 7.1 Surround System in Media Room/Family Room
  • 5.1 Surround System in Living Room
  • Audio distribution system in living room, kitchen, master bedroom, media room, stair landing area, front porch, back deck) with audio control knobs at various locations

Video Wiring
There is component, composite, HDMI, and RG6 Coaxial (cable/DirecTV) wiring throughout most of the house.

  • Media Room (2 locations - plasma TV location, video projector location)
  • Kitchen Composite
  • Media Room
  • Stair landing area
  • RG6 Coaxial Wiring for Cable or DirecTV Media Room (2 locations, 2 cables at each location)
  • Stair landing area (2 cables)
  • Kitchen (2 cables)
  • Living Room (2 cables)


  • Media Room (plasma TV location)

Communication Wiring
Cat5e wiring, which can be used for Internet and phone access is found in most of the house, including:

  • Media Room (2 locations, 6 wires)
  • Stair landing area (3 wires)
  • Kitchen (3 wires)
  • Living Room (3 wires)
Pretty cool, huh? If you know someone interested in this, let us know. Someone is going to get a great house. I heard a commercial recently that said every guy's favorite words: "Honey, I think it's time for us to get a new TV." How about a whole system for the house?


Jburgess80 said...


I can't wait until you get to McKinney and set up your new house that way. You will have built in house guests for sure. They are called the Young Marrieds. Enjoy that room while you can.

Alison said...

The High Pointe Young Marrieds also want to confirm that you're bringing the pool table and air hockey (?) table in the picture!! We will be more than happy to break them in for you here in TX!

Alison (aka Al)

Mr. E said...

Cool, Chronicles of Narnia is a great movie. (See background on TV). I currently have my sister-in-law and her family with us for the weekend. They attend High Pointe in McKinney. They say "Hello" and can't wait to meet you guys.

James said...

Allison. James,

You can tell the young marrieds that, yes, we're planning on bringing the pool table, hockey table, and setting up another media room. We hope that we will have house guests, and that it will be a gathering place for church members and neighbors!

Down here you can finish out a basement, and I really enjoyed doing that. Unfortunately, there are very few basements in Texas, but we'll figure something out.

James said...

Mr. E.,

Good eye. Yes, that is the Narnia movie in the background. We rented out a theater for this movie and used it as an outreach. So it will always mean something to me. Plus, I read the Chronicles of Narnia when I was a kid.