Friday, December 26, 2008

Top Technology Breakthroughs of 2008 has a new blog post, the Top Technology Breakthroughs of 2008. This is a pretty interesting list. My favorite, though, is the first one--flexible displays.

Remember those ultra thin, flexible computer displays in the movie Minority Report? Apparently, these displays will be available in 2010. Presumably, this will replace old style newspapers, and we'll be able to customize these newspapers with our favorite blogs, websites and RSS feeds.

The year 2008, however, may be remembered as the year in which several technology breakthroughs in the last few years reached the tipping point. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube--just two years ago, these technologies either came into existence or no one had really heard of them.

It's a pretty exciting time to be alive! Our kids will look back and say, what was it like before ________? Tell us about the olden days.

What new technologies did you start using in 2008? How has it changed your life?