Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christians seeking to evangelize Islamic North Africa

A recent news story, Christian Missionaries Stir unease in North Africa, tells how Christians are seeking to reach out to Islamic strongholds in North Africa. Here is an excerpt:

"Missionary groups say the number of Moroccan Christians has grown to 1,500 from 100 in a decade and that Algerian Christians number several thousand, although no official figures exist.

They say their message is reaching thousands more, thanks partly to satellite TV and the internet.

The Koran states no-one can be forced to follow one religion, but many Muslims believe that to abandon Islam is to shun family, tribe and nation and bring shame upon relatives."

The story goes on to tell how those who converted to Christianity from Islam were shunned by their families.

I was struck by how people around the world are making real sacrifices for their faith. I wonder if this pressure is not a blessing, as people must take their faith seriously, know what they believe and why, and be conscious of this choice every day.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of living as a Christian in an Islamic country like Morocco?