Friday, December 05, 2008

90 Percent of Americans pray every day

Much has been made about the religious decline in America. It is true that Americans are increasingly deciding not to attend weekly worship. "Religion" is down in the US. But "spirituality" remains high.

One recent study found that 90% of Americans report that they pray every day. See news article on prayer.
It is interesting what Americans pray for. In a study of prayer journals of John Hopkins' patients, the study found that of prayers "twenty-eight percent were requests of God, 28 percent were prayers to both thank God and ask for help, while another 22 percent were thank yous.
The article also says that "a 2006 University of Pittsburgh Medical Center study that analyzed actuarial death rates found that weekly worship service attendance could add up to three years to a person´s life." So prayer is good for us. As if we needed a study to tell us that!
When and how often do you pray? What do you pray about?