Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gay Leaders Furious with Obama over Rick Warren

In a move that probably has surprised many conservatives, President-elect Barak Obama has chosen evangelical Rick Warren of Saddleback Church to usher him in at his inauguration. Read the story here. This has drawn sharp criticism from gay rights activists due to Warren's opposition to gay marriage.

This news story quotes Kevin Naff of the Washington Blade, who says this about Obama's choice:

“This tone-deafness to our concerns must not be tolerated. We have just endured eight years of endless assaults on our dignity and equality from a president beholden to bigoted conservative Christians. The election was supposed to have ended that era. It appears otherwise.”

I suppose that I was a bit surprised at this reaction, that Warren would be opposed so strongly because of his views. After all, Billy Graham stood on moral issues and received little criticism.

What do you think of Obama's decision and the reaction to it?


Anonymous said...

quick response:
good choice, not shocked at the reaction. Gay leaders will not be happy until they get their voice heard and answered. Even then, who knows...

Anonymous said...

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