Monday, August 04, 2008

Sunday Reflections - A Very Human Savior

Yesterday I spoke on the humanity of Jesus. Too often we dismiss Jesus' incredibly devoted life, saying, well of course he lived like that--he was the Son of God. But Philippians 2:5-8 tells us that Jesus gave up his equality with God, emptying himself and becoming nothing. He did not overcome temptation, focus on mission, love the poor and everything else that he did because he was just sort of human. He did these as a man--empowered by God, yes--but as a man.
It was Alan Hirsch ( who first exposed me to the thought that the haloed superJesus of most artwork was easy to dismiss. He was too far distant from us to have any impact.
But the earthly, fleshly, human Jesus who lived for God--that sort of takes away all of our excuses.
Last night we went to the small group of a young family, Travis and Stacey. Travis did a great job leading a discussion over the sermon. It was great to hear that this sermon hit home, and that the practical application was helpful. Perhaps that was what was most encouraging, that a heady theological topic like Jesus' essential nature could be seen as helpful in people's daily lives.
What we believe about God/Jesus really does impact our behavior.
Have you thought of Jesus as human or just sort of human? How does that affect the application of his life to yours?