Monday, August 11, 2008

On the road to Colorado

Hello all. We are on the road to Colorado to see Becki's mother. It is a two day trip. Becki's mother moved to Colorado a couple of years ago, and we have not yet seen her out there. So we are getting this trip in before school starts.

I'm doing some reading on theology and pop culture, so I should have some interesting insights to share soon. And if Becki let's me take a break from driving, and my wireless card works, then I'll be able to blog again today.

Just curious - what is the percentage split of you and your spouse (male/female) of driving on trips?


Teresa Riley said...

Sorry James.....Ralph drives the whole trip so I can relax and take care of the kids.

Kevin M said...

Meriann and I usually split it 70/30 or 60/40. I really enjoy driving on the Interstate. Trips are when we end up not worrying about being good parents. We let the kids watch as many videos as they want and try to make it as fun as possible. Since we make 2 36+ hour round trips each year to visit family in WV and SC there is a lot of time to kill. if the kids don't have fun it's a huge hassle. They have ended up being GREAT travelers and we as a family look forward to some time together on the open road.

At least that is my take. Meriann might have a different view ;)

Bruce said...

I drive every mile ... especially if we're pulling the RV. Sarah hates this, but I'm not good at relaxing in the passenger seat. (Typical male hang-up, huh?)

Matt B said...

James- I drive 95% of the time. Jen doesn't like to drive. After being at home with 3 kids, she likes to sit and relax. Of course, that is until we have the roadside bathroom breaks. We keep a small potty in the van. This works well with little kids like ours. They can sit "on the throne" and watch the dvd screen. A must for parents (dvd screen mounted on ceiling of van). Jen sleeps much of the time and I listen to NPR. Am i getting old or what? I watched Lawrence Welk the other night and enjoyed it.

Matt B

Lisa said...

I never drive. James drives and I sleep.

Dani said...

Ben drives. The deal is that I have to keep him company and not sleep most of the time. He enjoys it. I control the ipod and navigate.

Anonymous said...

I guess we are disparaging comments please! :)

I do 100% of the driving on trips. I just really love to drive...and drive and drive! Stennis likes to read and sleep-both of which are hard to do while driving, plus I can't sleep in any mode of transportation and I get really tired of just "sitting" (and driving is something "to do" while I am sitting), so after a few years of doing it the "traditional" way, we finally figured out what works for us.


James said...

Thanks guys, for sharing. There are a few where the women drive equally or more, due to personality or age. But it looks like men drive in most families 70-100% of the time.

I don't mind driving on trips. But sometimes my achiever and learner strengths take over, and I think--man, I could get a lot done on this trip if I weren't driving! I usually drive about 75-80% of the time.