Friday, August 22, 2008

The Office: What challenges do you face at work?

One series that I am planning coming up will be "The Office: Practical Christianity at Work" or something like that. More and more, people are looking for help in living out their faith in practical ways. They want help in daily Christian living.

In the past, Christianity has been perpetuated as primarily a Sunday thing. Spiritual gifts were determined so you could serve on Sunday. In the church building. In the nursery. Etc. Things are great things to do and great places to serve. But so often, there was zero application for the overwhelming amount of time people spend in their neighborhoods, at home, and in the workplace. This is why in our Spiritual gifts assessments, we seek to cover all of these areas, and not just sign people up for church-based ministries.

So, to help me in this series, I ask you--what challenges do you face in your job/workplace?
What stresses?
What frustrations?
What challenges to your faith?
To your ethics?
To your morality?
To your family?
What is life like in corporate America?
What is your boss like? Your colleagues?

What opportunities do you see?


Anonymous said...

My challenge is with my mouth & what comes out of it. Curse words, f-word, etc, easily slip out when frustrated an that type of language is acceptable and part of every day life. Also staying out of office gossip.

James said...

Thank you for your comments, my friend. I can remember (when I worked in a hospital at college) joining in with all the griping going on there. It is easy to do.