Friday, August 15, 2008

Huge Turnout for Habitat Orientation--Workers needed tomorrow at 7:15 AM!

We're in Colorado right now, but the one ministry we've kept very close in thoughts and prayers (and communication) is Habitat for Humanity. God has answered our prayers! On Wednesday night, we had a huge turnout for the Habitat orientation, and one hundred and seven people signed up for this ministry.

I could not be more thrilled! This is yet another sign that God is working on the hearts of the congregation at High Pointe, and that more and more people are getting excited about serving and reaching out to our community. For more information about being a part of Habitat, and some of the reasons to do so, see

The woman from Habitat who did the orientation was overwhelmed by the church's response. And as I understant it, Habitat is already calling upon the High Pointe community to serve--tomorrow! For High Pointe members, let Chris know that you can come tomorrow morning. Habitat workers will need to meet at the church building at 7:15 AM. Chris will have coffee and donuts!


Garth said...

Chris Zarbaugh led a team of seven Habitat participants to help complete the construction of a home that has taken a bit longer to finish than most Habitat builds. The weather was great. The work was great. The people I met were awesome.

I hope we (High Pointe) have another opportunity soon.

James said...

Garth, that is great to hear! I know that it was short notice, too. I will be very eager to hear about both the experience and the people that you met.