Friday, August 01, 2008

Giving work to a Hispanic who came by the church building

A man named Rigoberto dropped by the church building today. He said that he needed money to pay his bills, which turn out to be tickets. He said that he was out of work. I asked him what he did, and he said landscaping. He had only been getting $6/hour, and it all went towards gas anyway.

So, I had the idea, why not pay Rigoberto to do some landscaping work at our house? So, after giving him food, I offered this idea. After talking for a while, he said that he would be interested in this. So next Monday he is supposed to come back to the building, and then he'll follow me back to our house and start some landscaping work. I offered him $10/hour. We'll see if he comes back. If he is interested in working, then I want to help.

Is it good to offer work to those seeking help? Or should we just give people money who ask?


Garth said...

Offering work to those that are able and willing sounds like a friendly thing to do.

I think I smell a ministry about to start cooking.

James said...


I think that you are right--and you might be the person for this ministry!