Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Greetings from Colorado--how do you spend your vacations?

Hello all. We got in last night to Glenwood Springs, Colorado, at about 9:00 PM. The girls traveled great, as usual. We do not have a dvd player in the car, and right now like not having one. The girls read, play, talk, sing. All that stuff kids used to do before tv and video games. Hey, there are plenty of times I admit to usually a movie to calm the kids down. We're just blessed that our kids travel so well (most of the time).

The weather here is great--a predicted high of 86 today and very cool in the evening. August is definitely the time to visit Colorado if you are living in Texas. We are looking forward to seeing some caves, doing some rafting, and just relaxing. I don't like a lot of planned things for vacation, instead preferring to "go with the flow" and do things as they strike me. The rest of my life is so full, I don't need a crammed full vacation.

By the way, the consensus on the informal poll I got about men and women driving on trips was this: men drive 70-100% of the time.

So how do you like your vacations--a lot of planned activities and things to do, or very non-planned and spontaneous?


Anonymous said...

Before we go, I usually research lots of things to do in the area, print off coupons, etc. so we know what we have to choose from. Then we just choose each day what we want to do. This year we took all seven of us in the van on a 2000 mile round trip family vacation. It was a blast! We don't have a DVD player either, but did use the laptop a couple of times for movies. Hope you guys have a great time. Julie K

James said...

Hi Julie. Becki printed off some coupons for our excursion to Glenwood Caverns. I would never think of such a thing or bother with it, but it does help save money.

We pretty much choose each day what to do as well. Probably more my preference than Becki's. Good to hear from you.