Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You will not believe this coincidence!

Okay, this is too wild. Jim and Donna are a couple at High Pointe. Last week, I just went through Jim and Donna's Strengths and Spiritual gifts. They are a wonderful couple who just went on a mission trip to St. Petersburg, Russia, with Let's Start Talking.

Jim and Donna used to live in Las Vegas, where Jim also served as an elder. Back in 1997, Becki and I took a choir tour that went through Las Vegas. Guess what? Becki and I stayed in Jim and Donna's house, and they gave us a tour of Las Vegas! Here is a picture that Jim sent us today of Becki and I and another choir couple from that trip. Look how young we look!

Is this amazing or what?!!

What do you think about coincidences? Are most of them merely cooincidences, or is God usually at work? What do you think?


Garth said...

That is amazing!

Both the fact that you stayed with the Jim and Donna in Las Vegas ... and ... that goof ball some how convinced Becki to marry him!

Anonymous said...

Coincidences are really just God preparing you for His work. People appear in your life for a purpose.

James said...


It is amazing what begging and pleading will do!

Lantz said...

Jim and Donna were part of the original eldership I was hired under here in Las Vegas. Jessica Turner Howard (my wife) was in the youth group at High Pointe back in the day when you interviewed for the job. She has told me the story several times about how everyone in the youth group wanted you, well I guess your time has come. Congrats on the job and we wish you well in your ministry in North Texas. Tell Jim and Donna hello!